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CRT 550

CRT 550


More features at an unbeatable value for money. The Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) lets you maneuver with ease. Enjoy more time on the water with the most fuel-efficient engine in the industry and the innovative impact-resistant polytec hull.

Option / Accessories
Weight capacity 600 lb / 272kg
Fuel Capacity 15.9 US gal / 60 L
Length 132.6" / 336.8 cm
Width 48.5" / 123.1 cm
Weight (dry) 640 lb / 291 kg
Storage Capacity 30.8 US gal / 116.6 L
Type Rotax 900 HO ACE
Intake System Naturally aspirated
Displacement 899 cc
Cooling Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)
Reverse System Electronic iBR
Starter Electric
Fuel Type 87 octane
899c four-stroke, Rotax with three cylinders in-line and four valves per cylinder The most compact and lightweight engine on the market today. Tha Rotax 900 HO ACE incorporates crisp acceleration, impressive fule economy and an excellent power-to-weight ratio.
iTC intelligent Throttle Control) System Operating electronically, this advanced ....
iControl Learning Key Operating electronically, this advanced ....
D-Sea-Bel System Operating electronically, this advanced ....
Closed-Loop Cooling System Operating electronically, this advanced ....
Polytec Is a recyclable, low density and scratch resistance material that includes polypropylene and long glass fiber reinforcements. It was designed for hull and deck applications to maintain the structural integrity of the watercraft under stress while providing light yet durable parts to support the construction of the product.
iControl The “Brain” that integrates and controls all systems to create the best possible ride
Touring Mode / Sport Mode Offers a choice between two throttle responses for different riding styles. Touring mode is the default setting offering a more progressive acceleration curve for a more confident ride – ideal for cruising and 2-up riding. Sport mode can be easily activated using the Sport button. It provides all acceleration performance for a more aggressive throttle response.
ECO Mode This iTC function automatically determines the most economical power delivery and sets the optimal RPM for greatest fuel economy.
3-UP Seat Comfortable room for three – permits rear-facing spotter for watersports.
Elevated Fuel Filler Easy access and prevents water intrusion while refueling.
RF D.E.S.S.™ With radio frequency technology and a ball-and-socket design, the Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) key provides riders with easy and quick starts every time.
Interactive Multifunction Digital Infomation Center Fuel level, Tachometer, Speedometer, Touring mode, Sport mode, ECO mode, Hour meter, Compass, F-N-R indicator and more.
Others Handlegrips with palm rest, Rear grab handle, Sponsons, Seat strap, Bumpers, Front splash deflector, Wide-angle mirrors, Dual drain plugs, Tow hook, Flush kit, Footwell carpets, Emergency floating lanyard, Swim platform carpet, Operator’s guide instructional video and booklet.
Warranty BRP limited warranty covers the watercraft for one year.
iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) System First and Only true brake on watercraft recognized by the U.S Coast Guard for improving boating safety since 2009. Now in its 3rd generation, the intuitive an improved iBR allows you to stop close to 160 feet sooner for greater peace of mind. All with the squeeze of a lever. And with its electronic reverse, it gives you a level of maneuverability that makes docking easier.
Stainless Steel Impeller Delivers improved acceleration, higher top speed and less cavitation.

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